Panda Helper for iOS

Panda helper is a app store for ios devices where one is able to get free apps . Even some paid apps are obtained as free from this panda helper . It also provides the user with a bundle of games and apps to use . IOS device even doesn’t need to jailbreak even . The applications can be installed without jailbreak from the devices .

The panda helper for iOS uses side loading technology to install apps of iOS devices. Panda helper provides a huge number of features and there is also less chances of these applications to revoke . There are two different versions of the app one is the paid version and the other is the free version. The paid version is known as VIP version and the free version is known as regular version.

Features of Panda Helper for iOS

  • The regular version of the panda helper app is free to download and use .
  • The panda helper also consists of good number of applications and games .
  • Panda helper is safe to use and from here apps and games can also be downloaded.
  • Moreover panda helper app can prevent app revokes , which is very helpful.

Steps to Download Panda Helper for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Open the safari browser .
  2. Then click here.
  3. Tap to the regular tab , then by default it will open in VIP tab.
  4. Press to download free version button.
  5. On appearing a confirmation prompt, click to install button .
  6. After the installation process is completed try to open the app , it will then show the user untrusted enterprise developer prompt .
  7. The user needs to trust app profile to open it. To do so one needs to open the settings then tap to general and then to profile and device management option and open it.
  8. The user needs to find the panda helper app profile and trust it .
  9. Now after opening the app one needs to tap the install button beside the application.

After installing the user can find games and apps as wanted . Enjoy !!