Panda Helper Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack. Growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor. Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerful the more upgrades. More than 120 heroes can use their own skills. Some heroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, another hero is cursed enemy. This strategy is important because only a hero can be mounted up to nine. When you build colonies and hire workers, you can earn more gold. Clear up to a higher level, wave and check out your rankings. Continue reading

Panda Helper BASEBALL 9

BASEBALL 9 is a free game for Android that belongs to the category Sport-games, and has been developed by playus soft. This game is available in English is the latest baseball game for smartphones. Enjoy fast-paced baseball games in BASEBALL 9! Featuring simple art design, quick play methods for on-the-go gaming, and a full fledged team building mode, Baseball Nine is the ultimate baseball game for pros and beginners alike. BASEBALL 9 can be enjoyed casually with its quick play function, or seriously with its surprisingly in-depth gameplay mechanics. Either way, the game is built for everyone. Continue reading

Panda Helper Jio TV

JioTv app is the ultimate app From Reliance Jio for their users to enjoy Online live streaming of Tv Channels and Shows. Jio users can watch Tv channels free with JioTv. There are 621 channels are available on JioTv in various categories and languages. Never miss your favorite TV shows and programmes no matter where you are. You need Jio SIM, a valid data pack and JioTv app installed on your smartphone. You can enjoy many channels and 60+ channels are available in Full HD format. Now it is most popular on Live streaming Tv channels app so that the users can watch sports channels live matches and other shows. In India, Jio Tv is the best ever smartphone app since JioTv app works with Jio VoLTE 4G network. You can enjoy TV Channels in different 11 categories and 16 languages. Continue reading

Panda Helper Blade Reborn

Blade Reborn, go down the gloomy dungeons, fight against demons and other enemies. Win battles and gather deserved trophies. Defend the kingdom from the invasion from hell in this Android game. Crush dark creatures with the help of steel of your spear. Apply destructive spells and destroy enemy hordes. Get rare weapons and artifacts in your campaigns. The illusion of peace has deceived us for too long. The demon race is plotting a huge invasion of our realm to get our blessing iron as you are reading this message. Darkness is rising, it is inevitable, and we shall stand up and prepare for it. At this very moment, my warriors, please don’t forget how we prevail several centuries ago. Grab your weapons, dive into the underworld and fight for the greater good! Continue reading

Panda Helper FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator, released annually the EA Sports label. Football video games such as Sensible Soccer, Kick Off and Match Day had been developed since the late 1980’s and already competitive in the games market when EA Sports announced a football game as the next addition to their EA Sports label. This season kicks off with an engine new to FIFA Mobile bringing all-new graphics, gameplay and excitement. Continue reading

Panda Helper Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is developed by miHoYo. It was released first in China in 2016, in Japan and Southeast Asia in 2017 and globally on March 28, 2018 for iOS and Android. The story of Honkai Impact 3 follows the escapades of the “Valkyries” of the Schicksal Organization, groups of female fighters who fight against the phenomenon called “Honkai”note and its manifestations, mainly in the form of zombies and Honkai Beasts. They will also clash with a rival organization named Anti-Entropy who are also fighting the Honkai phenomenon but have different agendas from the Schicksal. Continue reading

Panda Helper Plague.lnc

Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and realistic simulation which lets players create and control a global plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. It was released May 2012 and instantly topped the charts due to its intelligent, sophisticated gameplay and high production values. It has won multiple ‘Game of the Year’ awards and is a major critical and commercial success. It even attracted the attention of the CDC! Continue reading

Panda Helper Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga inspires yogis worldwide with the largest yoga pose base. Enables you to practice yoga on all mobile devices and multiplatforms.More than 100 yoga and meditation classes to help people from all levels. A whole series of beginner-friendly tutorials to help you find a different and better self in only 2 weeks.Daily Yoga has the biggest worldwide yoga community. Ask questions about yoga, make new friends to practice or simply share your yoga moments, let’s witness the miracles together. Continue reading

Panda Helper Emby for Android

Emby is designed to help you manage your personal media library, such as home videos and photos. Please see our terms of use and privacy policy. Downloading any Emby software constitutes acceptance of these terms. Emby Server automatically converts and streams your personal media on the fly to play on any device.Easily control content access for your children. Monitor and remote control their sessions as you need to.  Continue reading