Panda Helper Asphalt 9

Now it’s the time to boost up your life with some exciting gaming experience. Now you get mind-blowing 3D gaming experience from your Asphalt 9 is now proved to be one of the most trending car racing game till today.  A complete package experience of computer gaming in your smart device now. The game is a offline one so no strong internet connection is required. You can play it any time anywhere. Moreover it is totally free application. Available in the Panda Helper app store. Continue reading

Panda Helper Toca Nature

Toca Nature is a gaming application. The game mainly is for the children. It is played using the fingertips. You need to plant trees. You have to cross various landscapes and find friends. This game basically improves the imagination power of your child. The magic of nature is conveyed to the children. It is a paid  application. Being a 3D game with there’s dimensional audio it’s prove is quite all right. Till date millions of users have downloaded it. According to them money is worthy. The reviews and ratings are quite high and appreciated. The game can be downloaded both for Android as well as for iOS systems. Continue reading

Panda Helper Writemator

Writemator is basically a text editor. The app is basically developed for iOS users. It runs smoothly under all iOS platforms. It allows you to select a file and then edit it directly after clicking the pen symbol given. After you finish editing, as you close the app or by mistake the app closes the edited document remain saved under autosave feature of this application. Writemator is a free application. Using the application,opening of files, editing are really smooth and fast. Earlier a few security issues has arrived which are solved by the update of iOS 12. There is a proper search technique using which you can find your required document among many. You can even adjust the font size and style of writing. It gives you a desktop feeling in your iPhone or iPod. The app is found in Panda Helper app store. Continue reading

Panda Helper Th0r

Th0r is basically a jailbreak for an iOS device. It is introduced in order to remove software restrictions on an iOS device or any other iOS platforms. You can now download the softwares which are not found in the Apple App Store. Also it can be used using Th0r jailbreak. It can access the root system of an iOS device. This jailbreak has been recently developed. It has got great success across the globe. It works without any issues or lacks on your iPhone. iOS users are quite satisfied with Th0r. Millions of downloads are done via Panda Helper. For downloading this you need to download Panda Helper App store first. We give you the link below. Continue reading

Panda Helper Magic Launcher Pro

People really don’t enjoy the inbuilt launcher for a long time. Changes are really appreciated by the users. But with some other launchers there may be issues with your device. Magic launcher Pro comes with the fixation of all the issues. It gives you a great comfortable experience as if you are using this as your inbuilt launcher. Great collection of wallpapers and themes. You can customise your phone to a high extent. Millions of downloads and great demand for this application across the globe. The tech experts do have a nice review for this application. Rating is almost near five stars. It occupies a minimum storage for your device. Downloading becomes simple and safe via Panda Helper. Link for Panda Helper ap store is placed below. Continue reading

Panda Helper nPlayer Plus

Nowadays our phones contain a number of videos both old and new. It is very important to manage them according to our need which is done in the best way by this application. Download this video player to arrange your videos as per you need by date format, also sort them accordingly. Not only sorting, great smoothness is available in this player. You can start your videos from where you have ended which is really an appreciated feature of this app store. It is the time to have infinity video experience with easy brightness and volume control. The app is a paid application and available in Panda Helper. The app is a one step behind to reach the 5 star rating across all app stores. Download link for the given app is given below. Continue reading

Panda Helper Jodel ++

Nowadays in your busy life you miss out many current issues and events. Even your busy schedule takes leaves no entertainment for you at the end of the day. Now Jodel ++ has been updated. The app really gives a life to your boring busy life. Most importantly it keeps you connected to the various events that are going on around the world. You remain updated with latest events, stories. You can even comments or vote for any posts and give your views or opinions about the things going on around you. User interface is quite attractive. The app has got 4.5 rating across many app stores. Best downloading performance for this app is available in Panda Helper app store. Continue reading

Panda Helper Idle Planet Minor

Now it’s the time to increase your mining rate and earn rare ore via Idle Planet Minor game . The game has been developed very recently. It is proved to be one of the best digging games among android and iOS users so far. In this game you need to earn and hire managers who will help you in fast digging. It’s also a exploring game where your need to explore various planets finding for value  resources and mines by digging. There are various levels of the game which you need to unlock. Nice graphics with good sound quality has been given for the game. The game has been a perfect one for time pass. It runs smoothly among all your devices without any lack issues. Not much storage is required , available in less then 40 MB Continue reading

Panda Helper Camera +2

Camera +2 is a recently developed camera application. This application is an alternative for your inbuilt camera. Millions of beautiful edits are available here. Face beauty is a compulsory option. You can now look thin with this camera application.  Eyes can be enlarged or can be made small as per your choice. If you are taking a selfie the app provides you a timer option for you to get ready. As per the timer you set your camera will capture accordingly. The app is easily available here in Panda Helper app. You just need to download the Panda Helper app store from our website via the link given below. Continue reading

Panda Helper Golden Boot 2019

Yeah now it’s football time. The game is about giving goal. No matches can be played. The game allows only penalty shots. It is quite an interesting game. Perfect for time pass. You can practice your aim via playing this game. You need to stand and hit the ball accordingly to make a goal in presence of the goalkeeper. The best feature of this game is that it can be played both offline and online. Suppose you are in such a place where there is no connection you can pass your time playing such a quality offline game. The game is easily available in the Panda Helper App store. Simple downloading using the link given below in our page.

Note: Coming to Panda helper app store provides much better security compared to other app stores available. Continue reading